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EnglishPlacement is an online English test platform (OPT) that has been designed for a wide range of English testing applications. By simply clicking a few buttons, an English test can be created, branded and delivered to the customer or test taker. There are NO questions to write, NO documentation to produce and NO audio questions to be recorded.

NO questions to write, NO documentation to produce, NO audio to be recorded.

Test results are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference, (A1 - C1 +-). ALTE Can-Do, or custom ability statements can be added as an option to the results display. You can choose options to display no test results to test taker or display as a clickable drill-down graph and/or results table. test results can also be delivered by email; test administration, secondary email address (optional), test taker (optional).

Common European Framework, Can-Do statements, Graphic and Tabular Display.

English tests with only listening and reading elements will be scored immediately and automatically without human involvement. For tests including speaking and writing elements you can allocate your own teachers or staff as scorers or use the external scoring options by EnglishPlacement.

Automatic test scoring (LR), Allocate own scorers (SW), Email test results.

EnglishPlacement offers you your own password protected administration area in which you can create tests, administer test sessions and monitor test results.



English Test Creation

Create an English level test immediately by simply selecting listening, reading, speaking and writing elements. Element choice will dictate the skill-content, number of questions and difficulty of your test. Additional options allow the "honing" of test difficulty and time allowed. There are no questions to write, no material to supply and for listening and reading tests, no scoring to be done.

Choose each element (L.S.R.W) yourself by ticking a box, or, choose one of the many standard "one tick" tests for example; English placement tests for student class placement, English tests for interim assessment, specific English tests for employment positions.
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English Test Branding

Brand each English test you create with colors and logo. You can change test background and button colors as well as add a logo to create a very custom made English test. Our API will additionally allow direct test entry from a link orm form on another website for a seamless, branded test experience for all test takers.
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English Test Issue

Test sittings can be issued locally or internationally using a very simply TAN number method. Test sittings can have different setups for test-flow and test result handling/display/notification. Plus options for; delivery of test sittings, onscreen display of results, results display as table and or graph, delivery of email results, speaking/writing element scoring, order of delivery between automatically scored and manually scored elements..etc
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English Test Results

test result calculation comes from a unique concept that has been used and examined for accuracy over the last 13 years. English test results can be displayed onscreen as a drill down graph showing CEFR assessment levels fer each tested element, which when clicked, shows levels for each specific skill in that element. Additionally or alteratively, test results can be displayed in a tabular form, simpüly extrapolated as an equivalent representation of questions total/correct/incorrect, plus a CEFR level for a complete element; listening, reading, speaking, writing. Options are available to offer ALTE and custom can-do statements.
englishplacement test administration

English Test Administration

From the test administration area every aspect of testing can be controlled; from creating and branding a test, through setting up the required test handling, to distribution of test sittings. Testing application-status can be monitored, specific test results can be reviewed and completed tests can be directly scored. The test administration area also allows the setup of "scorers" and a comprehensive TAN (Test Sitting) administration functions.

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